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  Founded in 1995, the company has been engaged in glass production for more than ten years. It started from a small factory producing horizontal drawing glass established in 1995 with an investment of 1.5 million yuan; in 2002, the company invested 16 million yuan to build the second Glaverbel glass production line, and in 2010, it invested 48 million yuan to build the photovoltaic ultra-white rolled glass production line with a daily melting capacity of 150 tons, achieving the expansion and production in the same year, with an annual output of 1.5 million cases of rolled glass; the company plans to invest 80 million in mid-2014 to build a PV ultra-white rolled glass production line with a daily melting capacity of 260 tons. By the end of 2014, 4.1 million boxes of rolled glass will have been produced.

  The company produces rolled glass in the following specifications: 1500 * 2000, 1700 * 2000, 1830 * 2134, 1830 * 2440, 2134 * 2440, 2000 * 3000 and 2000 * 4000; the patterns include fabrics, pear, leaves, double-square, pebbles, golden lines, silver morning rays, diamonds, four-season red, Millennium grid, Mayflower, etc.; thickness: 3mm - 10mm.

  The company implements strict quality control. Both product quality and yield have reached the best levels in the industry. In terms of technology, the company boldly draws upon the advanced experience of peers in the industry at home and abroad, having mastered advanced rolled glass production technology. It has also hired and trained many technical specialists of rolled glass. In terms of operations, it sticks to the honesty oriented principle and widely opens up new markets. Relying on the strong strength and good corporate reputation, the company has been recognized widely by customers. Zhengxin has been upholding the tenet of “integrity, pragmatism, innovation, and efficiency”, adhering to the core concept of “priding high quality tempered grade products” and sticking to the policy of “quality first, efficiency first, reputation first, customer first, and service first”, to build their independent brand of glass.