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Introduction to patterned glass

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Patterned glass, also known as patterned glass or knurled pattern glass, is produced by a continuous rolling method. In the production process, the embossed side of the glass is processed by using the aerosol spray method to color the glass into pale yellow, yellow, pale blue, olive and other colors. The aerosol sprayed patterned glass can not only produce various colors and rich three-dimensional effects, but also improve the strength of the glass by 50% ~ 70%.

Patterned glass is divided into ordinary patterned glass, vacuum coating patterned glass, colored film patterned glass, and so on.
The surfaces of patterned glass (one or both sides) are embossed into patterns with different shades. As the surface is uneven, when the light passes it can produce diffusion. Therefore, when looking at one side the glass from the other, you will see the blur image of the objects, resulting in the translucent but opaque feature of the glass. In addition, due to the various patterns on the surface of patterned glass, it has a good artistic decoration effect.

Vacuum coating patterned glass is processed by vacuum coating. Patterned glass made by this method can create a simple, elegant, beautiful, and fresh feeling. The pattern has a strong three-dimensional effect, with certain reflective features. It is a good material for interior decoration.

Colored film patterned glass is processed by thermal spraying based on organic metal compounds and inorganic metal compounds. The color, consistency, and stability of colored films are all superior to other methods. This kind of glass has good heat-reflective capacity, and the three-dimensional effect of the pattern is stronger than the average patterned glass and stained glass, which feels grandiose and luxurious; it is also a kind of art enjoyment. With certain lighting design, the decorative effect is even better. It is a good material for interior decoration and partitions at such public facilities as hotels, restaurants, bars, baths, swimming pools, bathrooms and so on. It can also be used to make screens, desk lamps and other crafts and daily necessities.

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